Our Commitment

Our Commitment

With the latest technology machinery with high production flexibility coupled with a wide range of high quality materials that have been through a strict selection and control process. Every piece of work is carefully quality controlled by experts in the manufacturing processes.That is why Chiyoda can produce all kinds of DIE-CUT products to cater to all customer’s need with efficient and high quality at minimum cost. We have also achieved ISO 9001 standard, and we are still advancing our production technologies and the work force to their highest potential with the aim to produce and develop DIE-CUT products with high standard and quality every time, promptly.

At Chiyoda, we inspect the quality of every pieces of raw material before the production process. A wide range of raw materials and machines are available which means that we can satisfy all demands.

Then we will begin the DIE-CUT process as per the specific design which includes detailed drawing on graphic-screens  by our efficient experts utilizing the latest production technologies. Our policy is built on the high quality of our products, cleanliness is a must as all product will pass the high quality “CLEAN ROOM”, with continuous checking methods before the first production is produced and packed.

The last step before the product is sent to the customer, we thoroughly check the quality to make sure that it is according to the customer’s requirement.

“In every process of production, Chiyoda ensures that all products are of the highest standard and produce only the best DIE-CUT that is exactly as the demand of the customer.”